Well after a lot of blood, sweat and tears I finally finished my 1st year in Fashion Design at DID! I’m not going to lie – Term 3 was pretty tough but my class mates and I got there in the end. It was totally worth it to see our designs walk down the cat walk at our college fashion show in May.

There’s a gallery below of images of some of the outfits on the night..Can you guess which one was mine?!

You guessed it – The pink and purple tulle creation! It took me hours upon hours, making tulle petals – using up to 60 meters of tulle. Insane! I honestly didn’t realise how much time and fabric it would take me to make it – I was happy with the end result though and all the hard work seemed to have paid off.

Term 3 was definitely the toughest out of the terms but we learnt so many skills – from Photoshop, pattern drafting our designs from scratch to building a website – and lots more!

Our college fashion show took place at The Morrison Hotel, Dublin, with Brendan Courtney hosting the show on the night. Vanity X did the hair and make up for our models too.

The sold out show turned out to be a great success!

You can see a quick film from the show here.

I would highly recommended this course for anyone out there looking to kick start their career in fashion. I really enjoyed the year – my tutors and class mates were great!

You can check out my course here !