Interview with a Dublin Milliner – Part 2!

Interview with a Dublin Milliner Part 2 by Thomas Bartlett

What makes a good hat? I guess something that stands out from the crowd and is comfortable to wear. It doesn’t have to be HUGE to stand out from the crowd – it just has to be different I think and be confident while wearing it.

What is the difference between a hat worn at the races or at a wedding? I guess hats worn at weddings are somewhat more reserved – and for the races – you can go all out! You can get away with anything at the races – the crazier the better it seems!

Which comes first, the hat or the dress? For me the hat – You can work around the dress though, most bespoke orders that I make – the client brings the dress to me first and we work on an idea from there. A dress is a good starting point if you’re not a milliner!

What designers do you like, milliners you admire? I like Philip Treacy of course and there’s a UK milliner called Rachel Black whom I’m quite fond of too.

In Ireland where do we get our sense of fashion from? I guess in Ireland, a lot of people follow the trends – we’re similar to the UK – high street fashion is quite good and we have great choice. There’s a lot of very fashionable women and men in Ireland – when you go to certain parts of Europe – they’re not so fashionable at all!

For me personally – I don’t usually follow the crowd, I prefer to shop in smaller boutiques and vintage shops – if I see something I like I buy it! Doesn’t really matter what shop it’s from – That little bit different – the better. I also love irregular choice shoes/boots.





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